Thursday, 28 February 2013

From Russia With Love

Q: So why choose From Russia With Love as a single?
A: Best Bond Book, Best Bond FIlm (closest to the original realistic/convincing plot) and the tune has some great chords, simply it is oozing with unfulfilled-twang. Not tricky to pick as a choice at all. It's darker than the original, but the gypsy belly-dancers are still there.

Q: What can you say about the artwork?
A: I wanted to repcreate the cover the 1st edition hardback of the book; and this is pretty close. The rose (complete with black-spot on the leaves) is a Lili Marlene, a deep red cluster rose. The revolver was loaned for the shot and is a deactivated .38 Colt Police Special, the book has a Smith&Wesson 5-shot .38 but my gun collector chum doesn't have one. If you've seen the bookcover you will recognise the image.

Q: What is that sound:
A: The percussion? There are three overlaid hand-clap tracks in there; they are spread around the stereo in an irregular triangle so they don't quite sound together - it's a bit like castanets. There are also three sleigh-bell tracks (at different points in the compass rose), plus a tambourine and a small Moroccan drum. The feel I after was being at the centre of a circle with people clapping and beating the rhythm around you while you dance.

Hear it here 

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