Monday, 20 June 2022

Blitzed Magazine Issue 3

Museum Of Tomorrow has a full page review and very enthusiastic feature in the new edition of Blitzed Magazine, this is doubly impressive as it is now 9 months since release and that is well outside the normal window of interest form the music press. Giant thanks to the team at Blitzed for their support. You can get a copy here, and the album is here (but can also be ordered in any record shop in The UK US and Canada)

It is nice when people 'really get' what you do, and that final paragraph is extra cool having been largely ignored for over thirty years... 

Thanks to Blitzed!

Saturday, 5 March 2022

Second Scene Magazine Issue 11

Pittsburgh PA based Second Scene Magazine has its eleventh print edition out now, and along with a lot of interesting pieces there is an in depth double page feature interview with John A. There is a digital version which you can pick up here or you can order the print edition here

We also get a mention on the front cover which is nice. Giant thanks to Indy Cindy for the interview and to Second Scene for putting it into print. The magazine is stocked in record shops around the world but - as with everything else creative - buying direct is best. The link to the print edition above is with Psychdaisies Records which is an offshoot of Second Scene itself so you'd be buying it from the same entity.

It is fabulous that six months on from the Museum Of Tomorrow album campaign it is still getting press attention and masses of radio airplay. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Blood Sweat And Tears of psychnauts

A video premiere for Blood Sweat And Tears from Museum Of Tomorrow within the webpages of Vive Le Rock! magazine:

Apparently we are psychnauts, which sounds cool... click the image to go to the article...

Thanks to Gerry Ranson for the write up and for Vive Le Rock! for taking an interest in independent music, and not just pushing the corporate feed.

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Record Collector Review of Museum Of Tomorrow

So far there have been 84 reviews/features on Museum Of Tomorrow in printed press and the web, far too many to keep unto date with here: the website does that much better, but the Record Collector one s worth making a fuss about, and it is here:

and this is the Easy Read version:

We're pretty damn pleased with that.
The Reviews & Press page on the website is the best place to see the response Museum Of Tomorrow has received - here: 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The One Click To Everywhere Link for Museum Of Tomorrow; stream, digital or physical (vinyl or CD) this is the link:

Click on the image to go to the page.
Everything is there.
One click.
One link.
One place.

Friday, 27 August 2021

Vive Le Rock review of Museum Of Tomorrow

 Huge thank to Vive Le Rock magazine for reviewing Museum Of Tomorrow in issue 85, very nice:

Bright and poppy future shocks.
Some very interesting and rather charming stuff here from Manchester’s The Speed Of Sound, who present a future shock with the science-fiction-drenched ‘Museum Of Tomorrow’, presented as two galleries ss opposed to two sides of vinyl, each tune representing a conceptual image. Musically this is a mixed bag from sunny and bright New-Wave styled pop to jangly indie in the style of 90’s bands such as Salad, all the way through to punky cuts thst have long shadows of Blondie trailing after them. There is even a 60s aesthetic at work on the spacey ‘Wired And Tired’. The duelling vocals of Ann-Marie Crowley and guitarist John Armstrong work a treat especially on tunes like ‘Opium Eyes’, while instrumentation remains at a high technical level as The Speed Of Sound launch themselves through various stratospheres. Unique and otherworldly.”
Bruce Turnbull
Vive Le Rock (no.85) 27Aug2021

The one-click-to-everywhere album link is here

and here's the review in its natural setting

Monday, 16 August 2021

Museum Of Tomorrow: the new album is docking. Pre-Order/Order link is live

And here it is; rapidly approaching the docking bay and ready to make planetfall on Earth. 

The Speed Of Sound Museum Of Tomorrow.

The link goes direct to Big Stir Records web-shop and includes all four format options: Deluxe Heavy Mystery Colour Vinyl, Deluxe Heavy Infinity Black Vinyl, High Quality Glass-Pressed Replicated Compact Disc and Digital.

Prices are expressed in USD, however stock is held on both sides of the Atlantic so there is flat rate world wide shipping.