Tuesday 23 December 2014

New Solar Year

We were still playing at midnight at Mono so could welcome in the new solar year properly, thanks to all the venues we've played over the last year, to all the bands and artists that have shared the stage with and thanks to everyone that came out to see us in 2014, bought a 7" single, or CD, or download, or badge-set, or watched a video or listened online. 2015 has some really cool stuff happening and we're really looking forward to it. Happy New Year.

Set List 20/21 December 2014:
The Changes
Only Everything
The Wargame
Checkered Land
Glide On By
Checkpoint Charlie
I Can't Say
Chalk Circle
Sit By The River
Maid Of The Grey
Girl On The Roof
You've Got To Move Too
There's No One There
(and thanks to Miles Walton for these photographs, Owen was there playing too but we've not got any pics with him in - let us know if you got one)