Saturday 6 April 2024

Single release day

The first day a new project steps into the outside world is always exciting and West Wind is now the first of the Cornucopia project pieces to break out be heard and also seen, huge thanks to Vive Le Rock magazine for giving the video a premiere on their website and for calling us Psychonauts! 

"Long-serving Manchester psychonauts THE SPEED OF SOUND are back with a brand new video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

Described as "recklessly fast and invigorating rock and roll, borrowing a Bo Diddley beat cunningly melded with a Wagnerian horn section," 'West Wind' is the lead track from the band's forthcoming new album.

“Lyrically this is a protest song," says singer, guitarist and songwriter John Armstrong. "A metaphor for the dominance of the all-pervading major label ‘music industry’ onslaught, snowplowing independent artists out of the way.”

Out today through L.A. label Big Stir Records, 'West Wind' is available to stream/download here."

And! Here is the video... click the image to watch on YouTube:


Friday 29 March 2024

West Wind

2024 has an entire cornucopia of releases lined up and the first of these is the new single; West Wind. It is out on 5th April and you'll find all the links a little further down:

As the official label press release says:

"Veteran Manchester, UK-based Future-Retro-Modernist rockers The Speed Of Sound return to kick off a year of with a dizzyingly ambitious musical activity with a brand new single. "West Wind" is a gale-force gust of garage-rock grit showing off every bit of the band's signature sound, and a level of energy that's no less than astonishing for a group entering its 35th year as a performing entity. The new single debuts on all digital outlets worldwide on April 5th and is up for pre-order and pre-save now"

In case that didn't make it clear we can add that it kicks. Big time. 

You'll find it here :

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Test Pressing

 More information to follow, for now lets just say this is very exciting...

Test Pressing!

Sounds Fabulous.

New album approaching.

This is what we've been doing for five years; seeing as we stared working on it while we were still recording Museum Of Tomorrow. 

Very exciting is an understatement.