Sunday 3 July 2016

live at the Klondyke

The Speed Of Sound played two sets at the Klondyke club last night, opening for the first half hour and closing the night with another hour (and a bit) including six songs we've never done live before. In between there were sets from Troy Fridge, Nina Gerstenberger and President Ray-Gun. Big thanks to the Klondyke and we'll be back.
soundcheck photos:
setlist 1 
Checkered Land
Maid Of The Grey
Keep It Quiet
Walk On By
Little Miss Restless
I Can't Say
Karin B
Always Seems To Fall
setlist 2
No Kicks
Only Everything
Girl On The Roof
The Last Time
I'm Real
Nothing But A Heartache
Seen it All Before
Day In Day Out
Shut All The Clubs
Brand New Cadillac
The Moment Is Now
I Don't Want Your Attention
Sit By The River
There's No One There