Saturday 30 May 2020

Busy in lockdown

Strange Days, as the say - and they are; we hope you're adapting to the circumstances.
We've been a little quiet lately, but its because we've been too busy to tell any one about it. We have a new single coming again on the lovely Big Stir Records of LA. We've been making video too, which is not easy when you can't get anyone together or film anything outside your house. But here's a teaser shot from one of the videos, we've edited in a little bit of film taken from a gig in back September, it feels so much longer ago than six months since then:
To add to that, we're still here and the website shop and Bandcamp are still open, the post is still going out and still arriving so don't be shy about picking up some limited edition independent music on vinyl or any of the other exciting items we have for you.