Sunday 11 August 2019

And five months later

Nothing has stopped apart from the blog: we're back in real time on here too now... things we've been too busy to add in here:
The gig at 'Summer of Lev Festival': a great night with sweaty alternative rock in the summer heat,
set list:
I'm Real
opium Eyes
Tomorrow's World
Shadow Factory
Impossible Past
No Kicks
Last Orders
I Don't Want Your Attentions

Thanks to everyone that turned out for Levy Fest and to the other bands and of course to Jo and Les for organisational skills

 Recording: Loads of it. We're still at it and there is still a lot to do but we're getting there and are slightly ahead of schedule which is always nice and also not very rock-and-roll so quite on-brand.

30th Anniversary: Big news coming, the first EP was recorded on 17th September 1989 and we've got something interesting lined up for 30 years on.

Art work: A very exciting art collaboration starting with the30th Anniversary Thing mentioned above.

The Kite Collectors: AnnMarie and John are both providing guest vocals to different songs of the new The Kite Collectors album which is due for release in September, more on that still to come. We've gigged with them before and they are buddies so it is very nice to be on there. Look for it on Paisley Records.

Upcoming Gigs: Wigan, The Boulevard 20th September might also be linked to the 30th Anniversary Thing in some way, and
Manchester at The Peer Hat 16th November with Stephen's Ruin of Dusseldorf bringing their own brand of 60's infused power-pop to Manchester for the first time.

Recording: More of it. Lots more of it. Will update more when we can! mega busy!
Have fun out there!