Sunday 11 September 2022

Extended 12" Single - Double-A-Side

 Happy Birthday to Museum Of Tomorrow and A New Single... So, this is Birthday week for our Museum Of Tomorrow album and astoundingly it is still getting multiple daily radio play twelve months on from release, it really is incredible that it is still current - Radio TFSC in Germany placed one of the tracks in their current top 25 last week. Amazing.

And: To mark the anniversary we have a new release!

A double A-sided single with the full version of Virtual Reality (the album of course contains only 'Part 2') and an extended version of Charlotte, both tracks are well over six minutes and simply wouldn't fit on the vinyl LP so they form an appendix to the album and are what a 12" single used to be.

Release day is Friday 16th September. So get your fill of Future Retro Modernism over on Big Stir Records bandcamp page: or take your pick of streaming platform here: