Tuesday 28 July 2015

back to the Fringe

Our second Greater Manchester Fringe gig of July had Millie Manders (between Tramlines on Friday and Blackthorn Festival on Sunday) and The See No Evils (two days after supporting The Sonics) and our second gig with new drummer Paul. Thanks to Fringe (and to the Kings Arms) as it draws to a close for another year.
set list:
Checkered Land
Sit By The River
I Can't Say
Girl On The Roof
Maid Of The Grey
Day In Day Out
Seen It All Before
There's No One There

The See No Evils:

Millie Manders:

Next? Chris Pope on 15 August

Saturday 18 July 2015

What is What's The Alternative?

Its physical and its out there in the real world, the fixtures for the next six months poster has the full listing 'What's The Alternative?... THIS IS!' is a regular live music event hosted by The Speed Of Sound with an array of top quality hand picked visiting artists also playing. Next there's another Greater Manchester Fringe gig coming up, an electric triple bill, followed by Chris Pope playing his first Manchester/Salford gig for 35 years, a solo performance ahead of Chords UK... with another six before the end of the year. Its Quality, quantity, energy and all totally non-mainstream... What's The Alternative? THIS IS!

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Day In Day Out live acoustic version

A bit of video from 'What's The Alternative?...' IndependenTs Day: this is the acoustic version of Day In Day Out, it was strange loading the car up with so little stuff for this gig, no effects, no amps a refreshing change and change is what keeps music live. 
Day In Day Out was written in 1988 and is from the first album The Speed Of Sound At Tree Level.

Monday 6 July 2015

IndependenTs Day at the Fringe

It was a hot night at Kings Arms on stage and off at IndependenTs Day; the "What's The Alternative?..." acoustic special for Greater Manchester Fringe, ending with a grand finale of everyone singing Sympathy For The Devil in a completely unrehearsed and spontaneous closing shot.

The Speed Of Sound opened proceedings with an acoustic drum-less set

The Wargame,
Seen It All Before,
Day In Day Out
returned three hours later for the finale.

Troy Fridge played his first Manchester gig for 25 years and delighted with his beautifully quirky Diana's Kiss about building a time machine to visit Diana Rigg in 1966 and Wishing Boy... a song so memorable that it reminded Jason Edge he'd seen Troy at The Witchwood in 1989

and a rare treat as Rob Coleman was coaxed out of his reclusive-ness to play 
Luke Gallagher performed songs from his forthcoming EP as well as starting his set with the highly appropriate choice of Heatwave followed by Richie Syrett's remarkable blend of Anglicania 


Una Baines and her current band Poppycock gave a completely eclectic set ranging from flute driven incense powered floating gossamer lightness to jungle rhythm fuzz drenched menace.

Jason Edge of The Electric Stars did a solo set (partly accompanied by Louise Turner on backing vocals) giving an airing to new songs from the as yet unreleased second album as well as stripped away versions of Stoned Again and Isolation from the first.

Turner performed her own set with just piano accompaniment including new songs from her imminent debut album before the grand finale closed the night. Spectacular. A whole festival packed into one evening. And certainly in the words of The Electric Stars it was Beautiful Music For Beautiful People.
If you missed the acoustic special the electric Triple Bill is 25th July also at the Kings Arms.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Alternative Poster

Greater Manchester Fringe opens today and runs throughout July, its in its 4th year and goes from strength to strength, we've got two shows this year - Saturday (4th) sees IndepentenTs Day three hours of acoustic independent music with a twist... Turner will be playing songs from her debut album still being recorded, Jason Edge will be playing songs from The Electric Stars forthcoming 2nd album, Poppycock (Una Baines founder member of The Fall), Death To The Strange (fresh from their headline gig at The Ritz), Richie Syrett, Luke Gallagher, Paul Coonium, Rob Coleman and Troy Fridge and DJ Kaiser Matt all join us in a one day indoor festival of IndependenTs. Doors are at 7pm ands we will start at 7pm, at Pub Of The Year winner the Kings Arms.

We thought you'd like a look at The Guitar Poster which owes a debt to Man Ray; as does any picture with an f-hole and a curve and was the original design, we went with the superb picture of Turner (taken by Shay Rowan at a previous 'What's The Alternative?...') because it says exactly what the gig is about.

25th July has a return visit from Millie Manders, she played a solo set at the very first 'What's The Alternative?...' at Greater Manchester Fringe last year, this time she's bringing her whole band and her ability to hold an audience with her high energy ska-punk is quite something to behold, this will be really special. But there is more! We also have The See No Evils garage punk from Heavy Soul Records and The Speed Of Sound back to the normal electrified line up making it a triple bill of Fringe-worthy proportions, another three hour epic with each band playing a full set, doors at 7pm on at 7pm.
Long Live Fringe!