Wednesday 1 September 2021

The One Click To Everywhere Link for Museum Of Tomorrow; stream, digital or physical (vinyl or CD) this is the link:

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Friday 27 August 2021

Vive Le Rock review of Museum Of Tomorrow

 Huge thank to Vive Le Rock magazine for reviewing Museum Of Tomorrow in issue 85, very nice:

Bright and poppy future shocks.
Some very interesting and rather charming stuff here from Manchester’s The Speed Of Sound, who present a future shock with the science-fiction-drenched ‘Museum Of Tomorrow’, presented as two galleries ss opposed to two sides of vinyl, each tune representing a conceptual image. Musically this is a mixed bag from sunny and bright New-Wave styled pop to jangly indie in the style of 90’s bands such as Salad, all the way through to punky cuts thst have long shadows of Blondie trailing after them. There is even a 60s aesthetic at work on the spacey ‘Wired And Tired’. The duelling vocals of Ann-Marie Crowley and guitarist John Armstrong work a treat especially on tunes like ‘Opium Eyes’, while instrumentation remains at a high technical level as The Speed Of Sound launch themselves through various stratospheres. Unique and otherworldly.”
Bruce Turnbull
Vive Le Rock (no.85) 27Aug2021

The one-click-to-everywhere album link is here

and here's the review in its natural setting

Monday 16 August 2021

Museum Of Tomorrow: the new album is docking. Pre-Order/Order link is live

And here it is; rapidly approaching the docking bay and ready to make planetfall on Earth. 

The Speed Of Sound Museum Of Tomorrow.

The link goes direct to Big Stir Records web-shop and includes all four format options: Deluxe Heavy Mystery Colour Vinyl, Deluxe Heavy Infinity Black Vinyl, High Quality Glass-Pressed Replicated Compact Disc and Digital.

Prices are expressed in USD, however stock is held on both sides of the Atlantic so there is flat rate world wide shipping.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Interview with JohnA on MyMusic

 John A had a chat with Graham Coath of My Music going back to pre-history and taking it right up to the future, with the new album and beyond - you will also learn about cheese mines and much more. 

You can watch it on YouTube here

Sunday 8 August 2021

A Rave First Review of the whole album: Museum Of Tomorrow

A Rave of a review from much esteemed Something Else Webzine, And, the first review of the whole album:

"...While listening to Museum of Tomorrow - which clocks in as the Speed of Sound’s latest and fifth full-length album - it is easy to imagine yourself gliding through space in a time machine. This 13-track collection centres on science-fiction concepts; where the past meets the future, the future meets the past, the present is questionable, and the line is blurred between fantasy and reality. There is zero fat content on Museum of Tomorrow, as the tunes are trim and tight, sloping towards a zoomy feel that reflects the subject matter. The material on Museum of Tomorrow orbits around big and bubbly rhythms rippling with new-wave reflexes, aided by flashes of ringing psychedelic Byrdsian guitar figures. Every “exhibit” – as the songs are referred to – on Museum of Tomorrow is rife with power-packed pop melodies and harmonious instrumentation, making for a record that has a long-lasting effect..."

You can find the piece here

Friday 6 August 2021

Huge thanks to El Santo Del Rock for the review in Mexico City's Missale Rockum blog. My Spanish is 'somewhat limited' but modern technology provides the answer: 

"The Speed ​​Of Sound is the band currently composed of John Armstrong, Henry Armstrong, Ann-Marie Crowley, Kevin Roache, and John Broadhurst, whose formal history began in Manchester during 1989, plus there is an interesting story of them that happens on the day of Andy Warhol's death in 1987, plus 32 years after releasing his debut EP, announce the arrival of Museum of Tomorrow, his new LP that will be released on CD and Deluxe LP via Big Stir Records, after releasing 8 singles with the Californian label, more to make the prelude it is fair to start with the first extract of this material, which will arrive on August 14 to digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, while the full album will be presented in its entirety next September 17 , with its different editions now available, including the
traditional black vinyl, and a colour edition, in the Big Stir Records store. 
Tomorrow's World is an allegory regarding the current situation of the world, society and its people, based on the images that, when the current millennium was appreciated as something distant and enigmatic in the minds of the human beings that we were, appeared to be a A time that would have us with occupations of a fantastic kind, when in reality it would seem that we are reaching a dystopian era where humanity faces its end in the face of an invisible threat, of unknown origin, designed to bring out the worst in ourselves."

You will find the original here.


Wednesday 28 July 2021

Tomorrow's World - Video Premier on NYC's The Big Takeover Magazine

 The video for Tomorrow's World had its premier on The Big Takeover, and this is what they had to say:

"We’re delighted to see British college rock stalwarts The Speed Of Sound are back with a full album following their recent string of eight singles via Big Stir Records. Called Museum of Tomorrow, this collection is foretold by the lead track ‘Museum of Tomorrow’, reminiscent of the best of such artists as Pylon, Throwing Muses, The B-52s, The Judybats, and Lene Lovich.

Hailing from Manchester, the underground music are gearing up for their fifth studio album with 13 tracks. The long-player will be released on CD and Deluxe LP, well timed to coincide with the release of the band’s debut EP back in 1989 – actually 32 years to the day.

‘Tomorrow’s World’ is a sweet taster of what’s in store for listeners, along with an accompanying animated music video that’s set in a retro-future space age world of hovering UFOs and exploration beyond our planet. The entire 21st century seems to have been mis-sold. This song is a cry of anguish and a re-statement of what should have been. Twelve multi-layered synthesizer tracks recreate a flying saucer landing at the end and the ultra-depth in the sound is from bowed bass on the verse-ends and pre-chorus.

Fascinated by the future as viewed through the prism of what once was, where we are at now and hopes for the future, the thoughtfulness that goes into The Speed of Sound’s lyrics and music is precious. With an unmistakable sound and, at time, tandem male-female vocals, the band has found a winning formula. We look forward to hearing the rest of this long-player.

From the opening line “We were offered Star Trek, but they fed us Soylent Green” – which is etched into the vinyl – science fiction abounds within the music, positioning The Now simultaneously in the Future and in the Past. We all exist on the edge of forever.

Conceived as two seamless sides, the vinyl edition of this record was mastered as two complete extended pieces: Gallery One and Gallery Two. Korg synthesizer lines, reminiscent of classic Science Fiction incidental music and sound-collages, link the gapless songs.

This is future retro modern music, rooted in a definite ’60s influence but with an ’80s twist. The Speed Of Sound meshing the power of punk with the floating harmonies of The Byrds. Their sound and alphabetical order places them between Sonic Youth and Dusty Springfield.

The Speed Of Sound formed in Manchester in 1989 with a pre-history dating directly back to the day Andy Warhol died in 1987. Dwelling deep below the ‘music industry radar’ has allowed for the evolution of their own distinct sound, their live act often described totally differently with comparisons from The Stranglers and Television to Jefferson Airplane and The Who.

The Speed Of Sound has continuously produced music that is optimistic and with lyrical bite, a punk-inspired DIY ethos and lust for experimentation rooted in psychedelia. While players have come and gone, the current lineup has largely been the same for four years, including father and son John Armstrong (guitars and vocals) and Henry Armstrong(keyboards), Ann-Marie Crowley (vocals and guitar), Kevin Roache (bass guitar), and John Broadhurst (drums).

‘Tomorrow’s World’ is out on August 14 and will be available via Apple Music and Spotify. On September 17, the Museum of Tomorrow LP will be released digitally, on CD and limited-edition 170g heavy weight vinyl with a choice between black and glorious color. Vinyl orders include a 16-page full-colour A5 printed Exhibition Guide containing lyrics, full-color inner sleeve, a separate picture insert, a sticker, a pair of badges/buttons and a bookmark. The album can already be pre-ordered in all formats at Big Stir Records’ WEBSITE

Written by John Armstrong
John Armstrong – guitars and vocals
Ann-Marie Crowley – vocals and guitars
Kevin Roache – bass guitar
John Broadhurst – drums
Henry Armstrong – keyboards
Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio, Manchester
Engineered by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest
Mixed By Adam Crossley, Chris Guest and The Speed Of Sound
Mastered by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest at Vibratone Sound Studio
Sleeve front / Artwork by Local Hotel Parking"

the video is here

You can find the whole piece here

Friday 4 June 2021

Replicant / The Melancholy Rose : Single Released 04June2021

And here is the new single: 

Replicant / The Melancholy Rose. ...As the label put it:

Driven by acoustic guitar and exuding a joyous hip-swaying bouncing beat. Replicant playfully asks questions about the very nature of human existence. Offering a foretaste of the themes of the upcoming full length album. Here too, The Speed Of Sound draw heavily from their Science-Fiction influences. While Replicant seems to inhabit the same universe as Blade Runner it also carries another message from the corporate world. Where modern job interviews appear to have evolved into some kind of reverse Voight-Kampff Test; instead of designed to detect replicants, the purpose is to determine if the applicant has unfortunately retained any human characteristics, or will - as hoped - mechanically follow scripts and instructions. Do Androids dance to analogue music? We don’t know, but point your arm and shout along with the chorus.

Shimmering summer pop for shaded people; languid open and drifting, a gothically tinged piece of romanticism lies atop a sparkling guitar riff and a tale of the first rose of the year to bloom. Ahead of its time and alone, but merely the trailblazer showing the way and heralding the coming change. A celebration of the sudden bursting open of summer itself and an invitation to tune out from the background white-noise of civilisation and relax. To exist in the moment and enjoy the things around us. The Speed Of Sound are known for their power, yet this displays their soaring delicate side. Guest vocals are provided by one of pair a blackbirds that nested (and successfully fledged four chicks) among the dense honeysuckle and ivy of John A’s back garden during lockdown.

Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio in Manchester.

Sleeve Art by LocalHotelParking.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Preview Review of the next single

It isn't out until 4th June, but we already have a review of the next single... giant thanks to Christopher Nosnibor and Aural Aggravation for covering it with so much enthusiasm and for really getting the concept of a proper single (which is one of the many things we like about Big Stir records too).

"Well here’s a wakeup: The Speed Of Sound are into their fourth decade, yet are so underground they’ve bypassed me all this time. I feel a certain sense of both guilt and shame for this. Obviously, no reviewer can know everything about every band going, but sometimes, a band will slip under the radar and leave you kicking yourself. The Speed Of Sound is one such band.

The fact they’re releasing a double A-side says something about their vintage. 7” singles may still be a thing, but they’re a niche, collector thing rather than the thing you’d experience as a youth. I was in my early teens – perhaps younger – when I’d go into town and visit WHS or Boots or perhaps Woolworths and pick up a 7” single for 99p, and the B-side would often be as integral a part of the experience as the A-side, while a AA sometimes meant the second A-side – the one less likely to be played on the radio – was the better one. Hearing it would be a revelation after you slipped it over the spindle and onto the turntable. It was a magical experience that words struggle to convey.

The two tracks on this release are thematically-linked in that they’re all about the band’s love for sci-fi soaked in reverb and with some hints of dappled sunlight mellowness.

The inspiration behind ‘Replicant’ probably requires little explanation as it draws the comparisons to the world of Bladerunner and the contemporary corporate world. Hearing Ann-Marie Crowley enunciate ‘Replicant’ calls to mind Johnny Rotten emphasis on ‘Pretty vacant’, but more than anything, the uptempo acoustic guitar that leads the track has a distinctly 90s indie flavour to it, and it jangles along nicely.

‘Melancholy Rose’ is a spacey indie-psychedelic folk effort with the jangle of the early 90s and some mellow shoegaze meanderings, sort of like The Fall covering The Charlatans. There are hints of sleepy, summery funk to the track, too.

Together, it makes for a nice single that does very much evoke the experience of yesteryear’s 7” purchase."

Big Stir Records – 4th June 2021

You can find the piece here:

Christopher Nosnibor

Aural Aggravation