Thursday 12 October 2023

a Video Premiere for Zombie Century

And in an appropriately spooky touch of unplanned yet synchronised occurrences, our latest video has it's premiere today on Rock At Night Magazine and it is Zombie Century which coincides with Big Stir Records (also new) Stir The Cauldron compilation. Here's the link... 

Zombie Century can be found on Big Stir Records compilation Stir The Cauldron and also on The Speed Of Sound's Museum Of Tomorrow album.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Zombies and more seasonal horror

 Our own Zombie Century is enjoying itself among excellent company on the brand new Big Stir Records compilation Stir The Cauldron you can find it and more info here

Wednesday 26 April 2023

Archived treasure

Way back in 1991, Hyprtonia World Enterprises in Norway issued a cassette compilation in a shiny red plastic case and a startlingly bright yellow double-sided sleeve that folded out into an A4 sized poster: It contained two tracks from the first The Speed Of Sound release - from when we were known as The Blood Oranges - and has just (yesterday) been digitally archived with free download here:

The 29 track album with 21 artists was a bestseller for HWE and a constant feature in their catalogue, you can pick up the digital copy for free in the link above.

Ours were recorded on 24 track reel to reel Ampex tape, at Real To Reel in Macclesfield. 

Ancient history!

Thanks to Tape Attack for archiving it.