Sunday, 3 March 2013

You've Got To Move Too

You've Got To Move Too was written in July 1988 and often started the live set, so is a fitting opening piece for the 2nd album. It is about the world of fashion and the continual thirst for 'new' - the only way to perpetual newness is to continually reinvent the old - and the constant need to be ahead; not just keeping up. The overlapping vocals don't give the last line time to finish before moving on to the next 'thing'.

Lord Litter described it as "A cool mix of punk and The Byrds 5th dimension LP" and played it in his Magic Music Box show in December 2011 on Radio Marabu - Europe's Alternative Radio (and elsewhere).

Guitar-wise this is the Hutchins Retro Star and the Rickenbacker 620-12, with a few seconds of violin bowing on the Hutchins bwfore the break. The bass is the Danelectro '63.

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