Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Changes

July 1990 the Greenhouse Rehearsal Rooms Stockport: "It's in fives!" said Hamish incredulously, putting his sticks aside as the last chord died. "Yes; unusual isn't it." I replied. But it was only while programming the drums for this rerecording 21 years later that I realised what he had meant. I knew I'd always countd this in 'fours' and didn't want to encourage him to do anything more 'normal' than the great rhythm he'd just beaten out... we wee both right. 

Written in April '89 and re-recorded in June 2011, this was in the live set so had already been played by Dennis without any mention of 'fives'. Th chord sequence spirals round itself like water in a maelstrom. There was a children's TV series in the mid-70's called The Changes involving  a breakdown and rejection of the modern 'machine-culture' inspired by ancient natural forces (and the sill trapped spirit of Merlin) trying to bring humanity back in touvh with nature. Other than the title the song is not direclty related to this, more with becoming aware that something fundamental is changing in personal outlook; but the machine-smashers of the TV series were affected by 'The Changes' and the phrase lingered.

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