Friday, 6 August 2021

Huge thanks to El Santo Del Rock for the review in Mexico City's Missale Rockum blog. My Spanish is 'somewhat limited' but modern technology provides the answer: 

"The Speed ​​Of Sound is the band currently composed of John Armstrong, Henry Armstrong, Ann-Marie Crowley, Kevin Roache, and John Broadhurst, whose formal history began in Manchester during 1989, plus there is an interesting story of them that happens on the day of Andy Warhol's death in 1987, plus 32 years after releasing his debut EP, announce the arrival of Museum of Tomorrow, his new LP that will be released on CD and Deluxe LP via Big Stir Records, after releasing 8 singles with the Californian label, more to make the prelude it is fair to start with the first extract of this material, which will arrive on August 14 to digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, while the full album will be presented in its entirety next September 17 , with its different editions now available, including the
traditional black vinyl, and a colour edition, in the Big Stir Records store. 
Tomorrow's World is an allegory regarding the current situation of the world, society and its people, based on the images that, when the current millennium was appreciated as something distant and enigmatic in the minds of the human beings that we were, appeared to be a A time that would have us with occupations of a fantastic kind, when in reality it would seem that we are reaching a dystopian era where humanity faces its end in the face of an invisible threat, of unknown origin, designed to bring out the worst in ourselves."

You will find the original here.


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