Sunday, 8 August 2021

A Rave First Review of the whole album: Museum Of Tomorrow

A Rave of a review from much esteemed Something Else Webzine, And, the first review of the whole album:

"...While listening to Museum of Tomorrow - which clocks in as the Speed of Sound’s latest and fifth full-length album - it is easy to imagine yourself gliding through space in a time machine. This 13-track collection centres on science-fiction concepts; where the past meets the future, the future meets the past, the present is questionable, and the line is blurred between fantasy and reality. There is zero fat content on Museum of Tomorrow, as the tunes are trim and tight, sloping towards a zoomy feel that reflects the subject matter. The material on Museum of Tomorrow orbits around big and bubbly rhythms rippling with new-wave reflexes, aided by flashes of ringing psychedelic Byrdsian guitar figures. Every “exhibit” – as the songs are referred to – on Museum of Tomorrow is rife with power-packed pop melodies and harmonious instrumentation, making for a record that has a long-lasting effect..."

You can find the piece here

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