Monday, 12 October 2015

recording and radio

Its intensely busy at the moment and as a lot of that is recording it is exceptionally good, we're back in the studio again twice this week starting work on some more. Its been a triple dose of radio with Radio Woking, 6Towns Radio and IURFM (in Northern Ireland) all getting in on it, thanks to Sean Cooke, Alan May and Gerry Martin for playing us. Comparisons to Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and David Bowie were/are all acceptable and entirely welcome. We have one more gig in October and then we'll be concentrating on the recording side for a month and hopefully we'll have a new video brewing soon too.

A large part of the last week has looked like this, with the amps mic'd up and recording in progress. We still managed two gigs in the same day at The Station in Ashton-Under-Lyne and The Thirsty Scholar in Manchester as part of We Shall Overcome festival, last weekend. Big thanks to Pauline Town and Martin Mellor for organising the two WSO gigs we that played and it was a pleasure to be involved. Severe backlighting ensures Paul won't be recognised from that photograph.
set list: The Station
Checkpoint Charlie
The Changes
Girl On The Roof
I Can't Say
Sit By The River
There's No One There

set list: Thirsty Scholar
Checkered Land
Little Miss Restless
The Wargame
Day In Day Out
The Moment Is Now
Seen It All Before
Sit By The River

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