Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Riotous assembly

The latest 'What's The Alternative?...' night saw The Jade Assembly play to an appreciative audience
at The Kings Arms, new sound man Andrew did a superb job.
We wheeled out a couple of still evolving songs again, we change things round, we play things differently, we improvise and explore them; doing that in rehearsal is very different from live, released into the wild is where they mature and take on lives of their own.

This was gig twelve for Paul, achieved in under four months and while he was unable to play for a four weeks of that. He's settled in now.

Real music for real people.

The Speed Of Sound set list:

The Changes
The Moment Is Now
Checkpoint Charlie
I Can't Say
Checkered Land
Only Everything
Maid Of The Grey
Day In Day Out
Shut All The Clubs
Girl On The Roof
Sit By The River
There's No One There

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