Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ruby Friday

An absolutely fantastic gig at Ruby Lounge on Friday, special thanks for the dancing and for buying CDs, thanks to The Transmitters and extra thanks to The Chords UK for playing and making it such a great night. And also thanks to Alan May of 6Towns Radio's 'Glory Boys' show and Paul Lomax for their photographs.  
All ace-ness apart from the sound engineer falling off the stage and twisting his ankle before we started; hope its better Chris! Massively appreciated that you kept going through the pain
Set List:
Day In Day Out
Seen It All Before
Checkered Land
Checkpoint Charlie
I Can't Say
Maid Of The Grey
Girl On The Roof
Sit By The River
Shut All The Clubs
There's No One There
 Chris Pope and The Chords UK

The Transmitters

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