Monday, 17 August 2015

Real Music for Real People

It was an immensely pleasurable 'What's The Alternative?...' gig on Saturday, and great to be able to say "It will be Chris Pope on after us" fantastic to have him here again after such a long gap (1980).

set list:

Seeing It All Before
Checkered Land
The Wargame
Little Miss Restless
Only Everything
Chalk Circle
Girl On The Roof
Maid Of The Grey
Day In Day Out
I Can't Say
Checkpoint Charlie
Sit By The River
There's no One There

Chris did a mixture of Chords/Pope/Solo and NEW songs, starting off with Something's Missing and ending on Maybe Tomorrow... and dedicated one to TSOS "playing real music for real people" - thanks! all fantastically intimate and I'm still smiling. Brilliant stuff.

Indian Independence Day 'may' have been celebrated after the gig with curry.

We're back again for more on 22nd with The Remnants and their dirty garage fuzz.

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