Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Alternative Poster

Greater Manchester Fringe opens today and runs throughout July, its in its 4th year and goes from strength to strength, we've got two shows this year - Saturday (4th) sees IndepentenTs Day three hours of acoustic independent music with a twist... Turner will be playing songs from her debut album still being recorded, Jason Edge will be playing songs from The Electric Stars forthcoming 2nd album, Poppycock (Una Baines founder member of The Fall), Death To The Strange (fresh from their headline gig at The Ritz), Richie Syrett, Luke Gallagher, Paul Coonium, Rob Coleman and Troy Fridge and DJ Kaiser Matt all join us in a one day indoor festival of IndependenTs. Doors are at 7pm ands we will start at 7pm, at Pub Of The Year winner the Kings Arms.

We thought you'd like a look at The Guitar Poster which owes a debt to Man Ray; as does any picture with an f-hole and a curve and was the original design, we went with the superb picture of Turner (taken by Shay Rowan at a previous 'What's The Alternative?...') because it says exactly what the gig is about.

25th July has a return visit from Millie Manders, she played a solo set at the very first 'What's The Alternative?...' at Greater Manchester Fringe last year, this time she's bringing her whole band and her ability to hold an audience with her high energy ska-punk is quite something to behold, this will be really special. But there is more! We also have The See No Evils garage punk from Heavy Soul Records and The Speed Of Sound back to the normal electrified line up making it a triple bill of Fringe-worthy proportions, another three hour epic with each band playing a full set, doors at 7pm on at 7pm.
Long Live Fringe!

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