Sunday, 9 November 2014

Radio podcast from Berlin

It was a top gig with The Transmitters on Friday with a good turn out despite Manchester blocking all the roads and turning on their xmas lights. We're back at the Kings Arms Theatre in January, but more on that later. 
Thanks to Don Campau for featuring Maid Of The Grey in the No Pigeonholes show on Radio Marabu in Berlin (and broadcast across Europe). 
There's a listen link here we're on at 21'00" but there's some very cool stuff in there; for example if you've never heard Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing played on a cello? Now's your chance.

We were first played on the radio in Berlin on Lord Litter's Kentucky Fried Royalty show in late October 1989, just before the East/West frontier was opened. Twenty five years after the wall came down its cool to still be on the airwaves there. 
Radio Marabu has been going for 30 years its eclectic, risk taking and alternative if you're fed up with commercial radio blandness give it a go.
 You can stream Radio Marabu live here

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