Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mad Ferret

Mad Ferret's Music Blog has reviewed The Speed Of Sound In A Blood Orange Sky:

Here's a review of The Speed Of Sound's 2nd album which was released in 2012. Both their albums are widely available on  iTunes, Spotify etc. The album has quite a modern folk rock feel with a definite dash of 80's post punk/alt thrown in. Which is no surprise considering all the songs were written in that decade but sound fresh as ever.

Vocally there is a hint of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, bit of Jagger, great sound. Musically the sound alternates between Rock; verging on heavy/psyche to alt/punk with some great instrumentation along the way.

 'You've Got To Move Too' starts the album off  zipping along with a jangly guitar sound and scatter gun drumming. 'English Electric Lighting F6' up next. Smart bit of bass at the beginning following by a virtuoso guitar performance on this (almost) instrumental track. Stunning. 'No Kicks' is another great track which will have you singing the chorus whether you want to or not. Track 4 'There's No One There' has an edgier vocal and a punkier sound. A song of despair and hopelessness, superbly played, has a fantastic guitar solo over a rat-a-tat drum line. Really like this one. 'Temporary Fault' is another with a punk edge, hammer drums, angsty vocal and jittery guitar. Has a feel of losing it in bedsit land. Lyrics are insightful and desperate. A wonderfully gloomy atmosphere to this track, 'Joy Division' like!! Next, 'The Changes', more solid drumming and shimmering guitars alongside a fine vocal. Track 7 is 'Uhrwerk'. It opens with a fine guitar solo and quickly turns into one of the best tracks on the album. Heavier, rocking sound, musical perfection with an instrumental section towards the end that will blow you away. 8 is 'Sit By The River' and it sounds exactly like you are. An eighties indie feel, summery and upbeat. A foot tapping, head nodding sing-a-long. If you close your eyes you can almost feel the breeze washing over you. A nod towards environmental concerns on tracks 9 & 11, 'Torrey Canyon' and 'Throw It Away', both tracks awesome with snippets of genius. I especially like the little guitar breaks on 'Torrey Canyon', reminds me of something, can't think what, I like it though. Sandwiched between these two is 'Intercept'. Forty two seconds of backwards magic! The final track and for my money, the best, is 'Overlooked'. A superb opening sound, very cool, subtle. Fuzzy guitar, tapping drum beat, lead breaks floating through the air and and understated vocal. Spoken word comes in quietly with the bass and other players mooching along. Has an indie sound to this track that a lot of today's new bands would kill for. Guitar is sublime, this has got to be a live favourite. Sure this would sound great at a gig or a festival somewhere.

These tracks ahve been around for a long time but that just adds to their quality I think. Can't wait to hear the new stuff when its ready... So check this band out, you won't be sorry. madferrit
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