Sunday, 10 April 2016

Live in the drawing room and then back to new

Astounding gig at Elizabeth Gaskell's House, packed and a surreal setting to be in that room its like actually playing live in 1854 with the 21st century outside in the park playing basketball and cricket through the window. We were joined by Lucy Power on flute for Little Miss Restless, she's on the album recording, this is the first time we've had her playing it live. Great acoustics in there and a superb set by Turner too.
Set list:
Checkered Land, Only Everything,
Day In Day Out, Love, Charlotte,
The Wargame, I'm Real, Little Miss Restless,
Uhrwerk, Seen It All Before, Femme Fatal,
Girl On The Roof, Glide On By

Not ones for sleeping on our laurels, we were back in rehearsal this morning and working on new stuff again this morning.

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