Monday, 23 November 2015

Scotland and more

Moving into the final phase of the year and into the next phase of everything else; the new single has just been sent off today to be mastered. More on that later.

Our first gig in Scotland is in Glasgow on Wednesday, we're back at We Shall Overcome festival twice inside a week on 29th and 5th both gigs at The Station in Ashton and our second gig of the day on 5th is with Black Sonic Revolver at the last 'WTA?' of the year.

After that its recording again later in December to get moving along with the second half of the new album. And, adding nuances, plus a whole other dimension to what is already there.

We got work on four new songs underway at the last rehearsal and there are still more to follow.

Ticking along nicely.

Need to get moving on the single artwork and a video.
Killamonjambo heating it up at 'What's The Alternative?...THIS IS!' on 14th Nov.

The Speed Of Sound set was:
Only Everything, Overlooked, Shut All The Clubs, Day In Day Out, Checkered Land, Love, Uhrwerk, The Wargame, Little Miss Restless, Maid Of The Grey, Seen It All Before, Girl On The Roof, Sit By The River, There's No One There

Black Sonic Revolver have their 2nd album launch at the gig on 5th December.

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