Monday, 6 April 2015

seeing stars

Rock and Roll slick and glam The Electric Stars did their thing they shook some new songs out of the tune bag and kicked off their series of gigs culminating in their new album expected in the summer. Their first show since September was for 'What's The Alternative?...' Ace stuff, hot and groovy.
Top to see so many cool people turn out for them too. Turner made a guest appearance stepping out of the audience and grabbing a mic to add backing vocals. Much more than a gig; its a happening.

Total disregarders of comfort zones that we are, we added a brand new song into the set that John & Kevin had only played through twice before and Jonny (massive thanks for sitting in on our drum stool again, much appreciated) hadn't played at all. It went good. Shut All The Clubs is about cultural vandalism ripping the heart out of city centres replacing pubs and clubs with glass fronted gym's and business opporunities. It will be coming out again.
Set List:

Only Everything
Shut All The Clubs
Girl On The Roof
Checkered Land
Sit By The River
Maid Of The Grey
Day In Day Out
The Wargame
There's No One There

What's Next? Les Bof! on 9th May

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