Sunday, 8 March 2015

looking for a new drummer

This is on Saturday (14Mar), we've got drum-assistance from Jonny of The Electric Stars so massive thanks to him/them for that as we're looking for a new drummer. If anyone knows someone that might be interested get in touch on any of the social media things. Gender/hair-colour/whatever are all irrelevant, we're just after a drummer. Spread the word. Thanks.
Stuff about Bone-Box:
"Lyrics that sometimes sound like Milton... a sound that somehow transplants Manchester to a plain near Tucson" Q MAGAZINE
"Darkly insidious and wonderful" CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE 

"Bone-Box weave webs of faded fairytales and cross palms with slivers of shattered tales of the everyday thrown from an out of control carousel...a ghostly gospel of drama and dented dreams far more feral than the plaintive lap-steel sometimes suggests. As an epic whole, they are The Master and Margharita filmed by Glenn Ford and scripted by Tom Waits with executive producer Leonard Cohen" BBC.CO.UK
"'Death Of A Prize Fighter' marries its brooding, bruised feel and a distant foreboding that reflects the darker Northern skies these tracks were penned under, with Americana flourishes and a musical yearning and heart located over the other side of the Atlantic" NEW-NOISE.NET 

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