Friday, 14 March 2014

there now follows a Guitar Geek blog post

My acoustic guitar is older than me, she is a curvy-blonde late 50's Antoria with 'f'-holes; she has just returned from Guitar Hospital having had an operation to fit an original Antoria branded late 50's pickup. This is all Pretty Damn Exciting.
The pickup has an integral scratch-plate complete with tiny volume and tone control knobs and, given that it is going on for 60 years old actually looks new. The fitting process was more complicated than it might have been as the wiring was OK but the pickup was dead and needed rewinding. mojopickups.blogspot did a picture blog of the rewind so if you are intrigued by the phrase paper-bobbin and dig mid-century technology you might want a look at his pictures. 
They're here.
The results are great with a full tone spectrum (although it seems to be reverse wired and turning the tone up increases the bass - or reduces the razor sharp treble, rather than the expected way round). Its not the most powerful pickup by a long way, but its pretty damn cool, and the lovely Ms Antoria is ready to go electric in Manchester on 30th March at A Slice Of Nice. Come and see her.

There's not much difference to look at, the scratch-plate is a different shape and there are a couple of controls now, plus the pickup of course. Thanks to Forsyths of Manchester and Mojopickups for the rewind, an unusual job. Nice fitting too, there are plenty of curves on her arch-top so positioning was not as easy as it looks.

Before :  acoustic         
 After : electric
There's another Antoria here; that sold at Bonhams for £43,250 because she used to belong to someone called Paul McCartney 
 (I paid £15 for mine in 1985)

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