Saturday, 31 August 2013

Scootfest 15 September 2013

Excellent news - A third band has confirmed for Sunday 15 September; so The Universal will now be be playing in addition to The Persuasion and The Speed Of Sound. It's free too.

I met the sound engineer today and the PA will be loud enough; which is always good to know. 

The day will have a real festival-feel with American Classic Cars, lots of Scooters, food, drink, a Scooter accessory market, Scooter-portrait photography and of course plenty of music; both live and DJ'd. 

Scootfest is part of Rossendale 60sFestival which lasts the whole weekend throughout the valley, the Sunday music event is all at one venue at the Old Cobblers Inn, Rawtenstall (BB4 6HR) so it deserves a separate name.

This particular Vespa is unlikely to be there as I photographed it in Berlin last week. But never mind, there will be others.

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