Friday, 4 September 2020

Remembering The Chords

Hot off the press is the fabulous new book on the highly influential and cult status mod-punk band The Chords, and it is already collectible having sold out its first print run. Aside from it being a great read combining information (of the interesting kind) with flavoursome inside anecdotes; it is herd written and is by far the best of its kind in that format, giving a real sense of what it was to be there. Ray Butler did an excellent job in compiling and whipping into shape the diverse contributions on a band that is ultimately one of the reasons that The Speed Of Sound exist... so, extra delighted to say we're in it too, occupying pages 247-248. 

There will be a reprint so if you fancy seeing it in your own hand get in touch with Ray via the link here.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

The Importance of Sharp Footwear in Wonderland

Long term Speed Of Sound artistic collaborator Natalie Paddick has a new website which has a feature on the work we've done together over the years & yes; the stunning T-shirt is back in stock on our 'shop' page and via Bandcamp again. 
I'm quite sure there are many lasting relationships that begin with footwear and fortunately all is explained within, but suffice to say shoes are essential. 
The Wonderland Clockwork Orange crossover images worked superbly in the Checkered Land video:
and the building 'renovation' scenes fitted Shut All The Clubs equally, gig posters and assorted website elements followed. Enter sinister Bunny stage left.

You can find the piece here and we're happy to say despite viral interventions there is more mixed media collaboration on the way... 
Cut off their tails with a carving knife... (or some sharp scissors) ...Snip snip snip...

Friday, 17 July 2020

Keep It Quiet

Keep It Quiet, no don't do that, shout it from the rooftops! It is here: The new single is No.82 in the Big Stir Records catalogue is here (scroll to 82) released into the world to fend for itself and have adventures of its own. As we welcome its twin themes of climate change plus the metaphor of the human relationship with Mother Nature as domestic violence, all set to a pulsating buoyant bouncing rhythm, here, is the video:

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Something New

31 years in and The Speed Of Sound are not averse to new things; the imminent release of the new single sees the addition of keyboards to the sound of Sound. And it is none other than Henry Armstrong, (yes, son of JohnA) that can be found twirling the Korg knobs and pressing the keys.
Adding a new dimension of sounds and textures.

On the Everything Changes album the idea was to capture the live sound. Similar to The Clash's first album; it was a simple plan - go in the studio, play the songs and record them. It is essentially a live album without audience noise.
With the current recordings the live approach was retained, playing together, set-up as a live band, but adding a lot more studio nuance and way more things that can't be done live.
The keyboards however, are part off the long-term plan and will be out there with us once it is sensible to play gigs again post-pandemic.
Until then we don't want to put an audience, sound-crew or obviously ourselves at risk.
Stay safe out there people!

And, before there is more live music there will be more recorded music... very soon...

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Busy in lockdown

Strange Days, as the say - and they are; we hope you're adapting to the circumstances.
We've been a little quiet lately, but its because we've been too busy to tell any one about it. We have a new single coming again on the lovely Big Stir Records of LA. We've been making video too, which is not easy when you can't get anyone together or film anything outside your house. But here's a teaser shot from one of the videos, we've edited in a little bit of film taken from a gig in back September, it feels so much longer ago than six months since then:
To add to that, we're still here and the website shop and Bandcamp are still open, the post is still going out and still arriving so don't be shy about picking up some limited edition independent music on vinyl or any of the other exciting items we have for you.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The 5th Wave - CD Compilation

Big Stir Records of Burbank California have included two songs by The Speed Of Sound in their 5th compilation CD.
In their own words:
BIG STIR SINGLES: THE FIFTH WAVE crashes on your musical shore Friday, March 6, on CD and Digital Download, and is available for pre-order at It's the first instalment in the series for 2020, after the First through Fourth Wave CDs released throughout 2019 debuted to rave reviews and broke new ground for collections of their type, landing on Year's Best lists among proper single artist albums. The series is now firmly established as an ongoing journal of the best new music on the global pop rock scene, beyond boundaries of geography and label affiliation, and a reliably exciting rebuke to the charge that “there's no good music any more these days”.
What makes The Fifth Wave special? As always it features an A-side and a B-side from each of the artists featured across the most recent months of the Big Stir Singles Series. As always it sports liner notes from a trusted authority on the music scene, as Tsar / Brothers Steve / GoAllTheWays drummer STEVE COULTER, under his crime fiction and pop critic nom-de-plume S.W. Lauden, joins the ranks of noted music writers Carl CafarelliDon Valentine and John Borack in doing the honors. And artist Ridley Broome has created a unique cover graphic depicting each of the A-sides in fantasy/superhero personifications, adding the character and quirk that collectors have come to expect from Big Stir's physical releases.
Yep. It's that cool.